Since 2001, pioneering this revolutionary way to generate power, AGROWATT® is our brand dedicated to the manufacturing of synchronous p.t.o. (power-take-off) generators including over 50 models up to 140 kVA: the most complete range on the market.

The connection to the tractor is simple and direct. The lack of a diesel engine and the very low need for maintenance make them the most economical and efficient alternative to traditional generating-sets: pto generators are supplied directly by the tractor engine!

AGROWATT models are performing and compact: (1) AC Alternator with IP23 or IP44 protection degree, control panel, protection devices (for users and connected equipment) and AVR electronic board for automatic voltage regulation (2) Steel frame with 3-point-connection to the tractor (patented Italian design)  (3) Gear-box.

AGROWATT, energy freedom! ©


  • FARMS (to supply systems and machineries: lighting of buildings, milking, animal feeding, pumps, refrigeration and irrigation of stables, greenhouses, gardens…)
  • MUNICIPALITIES (rescue operations…)


  • 1, 2, 3… READY! The unique design of AGROWATT allows simple and fast 3-point hitch system to the tractor. The control panel features easy access to the equipment, making the tractor engine speed setting very quick. On the digital display you will keep real-time all the parameters under full control (Voltage, Frequency, Amps, Working hours).
  • PLUG & POWER! 3-phase and 1-phase CEE sockets, to immediately connect the equipment.
  • PROTECTION FOR USERS AND EQUIPMENT! MCB’s Miniature Circuit Breakers (in case of overloads) + RCD Residual Current Device, standard equipped.