SINCRO® is the brand of Soga Energy Team for power generation, specialized in the development and industrial manufacturing of AC and DC synchronous low voltage and medium voltage alternators, asynchronous alternators and welders/generators standing out for compactness and proven reliability of performances.

Currently featuring over 380 models for a deep variety of applications, Sincro® range is one of the most complete ever, up to 2,600 kVA.

We date back our technical expertise to 1986 when the first factory was set up in the Northern-East area of Italy. Today, we strongly keep on our commitment towards OEMs by constantly enhancing our offering in terms of variety of models, custom-dedicated versions, constructive hardness in every detail, compact dimensions.

The production is 100% MADE IN EUROPE in Italy (frame sizes up to 225) and Croatia (sizes 250 to 500).