SOGA ENERGY TEAM products are Made in Europe in our 6 production sites located throughout the Italian Northeast (4 plants in the hinterland of Vicenza, 1 plant in the hinterland of Treviso) and neighboring Croatia (factory Sincro d.o.o. in Rijeka, held by the headquarter Soga S.p.A.), at just 100 Kms from the Italian border.

We do not delocalize out of Europe: a strategic choice reflecting our commitment to our home territory and its people, ensuring optimum flexibility and faster actions, for full real-time control over the entire manufacturing process.

We operate with vertical production (we manage directly almost all production stages) through highly-automatized equipment pushing Industry 4.0: from windings production to mechanical (shafts, flanges, shields) and metal sheets workings (terminal boxes, housings) to final assembly and testing of each product.

Applying Lean Manufacturing, we offer clients and suppliers the option for kanban plans, and a flowing work organization promoting training and involvement of our collaborators.

Today and always, we invest on the future.