CMZ Sistemi Elettronici, established in Vascon di Carbonera (Treviso) is a leading company providing global electronic systems for industrial motion control since 1976.

Today, the company offers a diversified range of standard products for automation including hardware and software:

  • IEC61131 axis controllers
  • brushless and stepless motors and drives
  • I/O modules
  • HMI industrial touch panels
  • libraries.

The excellence in CMZ’s R&D can also develop a wide range of dedicated projects, as the company is certified as a Research Laboratory.

Since June 28, 2017 CMZ is part of the Soga Energy Team, having been acquired by our headquarter Soga SpA.

Thanks to SOGA-CMZ synergy, the Soga Energy Team group is extending its overall offering to new, complimentary and different industries and application fields by integrating SOGA’s electromechanical know-how with CMZ’s skills in electronics technologies, to always keep creating and making Innovation for OEMs in international markets.