Sogaenergyteam Group celebrates 55 years of activity. Since 1966 work, passion and deep perseverance

Proud to think different.

Sogaenergyteam, we are a family-driven industrial group among the most dynamic in the power generation, motion & control industry, operating in 85 countries through the brands SOGA electric motors, SINCRO alternators, AGROWATT pto generators, SOGAENERGIES generators for special projects, CMZ electronic systems for industrial automation.

On March 23, 2021 the Group has celebrated 55 years of activity, since 1966 when Lino Soga established the original company in Montecchio Maggiore in the province of Vicenza: a family story made of work, great passion, love for our territory, technical innovation, constant evolution and choices running against the mainstream: out of the logic of the market.

In today’s structure, Soga Energy Team is a firmly Italian group managed by the second generation of the Soga family with Enrico, Dania and Nicola carrying on the idea and entrepreneurial attitude of their father. „My soul and that of my family are inside this company, they are in this territory, connected with the strong spirit of collaboration we receive from our employees.“ says Lino Soga, currently the President of the group.

„I have always done for the company what I believed in, no matter the market, always working by putting attention to our customers’ words. It is necessary to be able to listen to the customer’s demands, as it is mostly upon them that a product can be created. In these years I’ve succeeded in meeting what the customers were asking us, even if sometimes this was fighting the logic of the industry».

Alternative choices alongside with a deep perseverance in pursuing them: following this approach, SOGA has always been a pioneer, from the manufacture of the first special electric motors (early 1970s) to the creation – among many – of the pto generators (2001) and first compact alternators (2003), to the large-scale introduction of variable speed generators (2008), all products that have significantly transformed the sector while becoming nowadays a must for the entire industry.

Mister Soga, what has been your greatest success in these 55 years? «The biggest success is having today my whole family who keeps following me in this project, born when I was still a boy. My family believes in the company and works hard to expand it. This is my greatest success: having a strong family who has always been with me in this job, which is inexhaustible energy ».