The new series extending SOGA range of electroconverters.

POKERWATT extends existing EC electroconverters series into a new, easy plug & play solution for professional heavy duty jobs.

PowerWatts are rotating converters equipped with a 2-mm-tick case made of steel, enhancing their steadiness, durability, portability, mechanical strength and protection against accidental hits and concrete falls.

Manufactured in Italy in SOGA factory by using our hi-tech equipment (laser cutting, sheet metal punching), they are supplied with following key-points:

Single or Three-phase AC input.
V42/200Hz high frequency permanent magnet generator output.
Neodimium magnets for long life high electrical performances.
Epoxy powder painting for the case.
PokerWatts are easy to transport and to handle.
They can be individually packed in carton box.

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