This year opens with lights and shadows: Italian economic recovery keeps on involving also our industries, while instability in the components supplying doesn’t stop and the fourth Covid wave, currently underway, seems to be unstoppable with new peaks and pandemic containments.

In today’s scenario where every company operates, no anchor points can be found. We are sailing in the stormy mare magnum of uncertainty and continuous evolution: will it still be possible to find a new long-lasting balance? Every day, instability dictates new rules; flexible and efficient adaptation is a must.

If on one hand the Italian GDP is running, on the other all sectors are facing deep transformations and new management strategies able to lead companies into the future. The demand for industrial goods is growing, but at same time the enormous increase in the costs of energy and raw materials, with consequent difficulty for components availability, make production and storage to be very complicated while products’ lead times inevitably become uncertain.

The context is complicated and pushes to find stability not outside, but inside of us in the deepest, most authentic part of our corporate identity and the way we are on the market, by going to the roots that have been nurturing us to the definition of what we are nowadays.

As Soga Energy Team, we want to respond this current scenario by choosing even more intensely the values most representing us since always: concreteness and passion.

Our focus is and will be to remain firmly at the side of our customers by offering a constructive approach made of listening, competence, creative strength and ceaseless committment for the development of technical solutions able to meet and, in many cases to anticipate, the technological standards in power generation, motion and control.

We are a big family driven by these strong values such relevant to us.

Let’s open 2022 with this approach of trust in our corporate values, always ready to meet the good opportunities and challenges we’ll match along our way.

Soga Energy Team