Environment conditions

Correction factors

IEC 60034-1 and IEC 60072-1 standards refer to ambient temperature not exceeding 40°C and altitude up to 1000 m a.s.l. When the motors operate in different conditions, it is necessary to apply a correction factor.

The table below expresses the percentage values of power that can be obtained by a motor when temperature and altitude change.

Humid environments

For motors used in humid environments, anticondensation heaters and holes can be applied on the housing.

Noise level

The table below shows the average noise values in Sound Pressure (LpA) and Sound Power (LwA) admissible by electrical machines established by IEC EN60034-9. Noise values are measured at a distance of one meter according to ISO 1680.

SOGA reserves the right to implement, update and change the data without prior notice