Mechanical data

Rotor balancing

The rotor balancing is applied from size IEC112. For IE3 range the balancing 6.3 grade is applied to all motors starting from IEC80.

On request we can ensure balancing grade 2.5 such as for railway sector, reducing mechanical vibrations while the motor is running at full speed.

Construction materials

Construction forms

Standard coupling is B3 with feet. Different couplings are available on request.

Protection degree

Soga single-phase and three-phase motors are IP54 or IP55 depending on the frame size. IE3 premium efficiency and IE2 high efficiency motors are IP55 standard.

Higher protection degrees are available as customized execution.


Soga motors are equipped with top-branded radial ball bearings lubricated-for-life. For IEC180 and IEC200 motors, the drive-end bearing is regreasable.

For maintenance, we recommend to replace them considering the working hours as described in the motors manuals available for each series on our website:

SOGA reserves the right to implement, update and change the data without prior notice