Special executions

Soga designs and produces motors with custom-made electrical and mechanical features by taking action on each component starting from our standard range, designed by our technical office or in accordance with the specifications indicated by the customer, to create motors fully integrated with his construction needs.

We manufacture special executions for many applications from industry to railway (few examples: compressors, pumps, cranes, machines for food industry, elevators, cutting machines, aspirators, car-washers, hydro-cleaners, sprayers, ventilators).

Customizations are possible for production quantities agreed with our sales office.

Examples of electrical customizations

-Special windings (double impregnation, double speed rotation, double phase, encapsulation, VPI impregnation, insulation systems, special voltage, special frequency, tropicalization, etc.)

-Class H insulation

-Thermal protections and klixon

-Phase separators


-Addition of bipolar and tripolar switches, encoders.

Examples of mechanical customizations

-Special shafts (ceramic coating, hardening, stainless steel and other special materials, splined shafts, etc.)

-Special housings (made to measure and with materials on request)

-Outgoing cables

-Special flanges and shields (reduced dimension, cast iron, on customer’s project)

-Safety brakes


-TEFV Totally Enclosed Force ventilated (IC416).

More customizations

-Painting with epoxy powder in blue RAL 5010 or black RAL 9005.


– Railway sector approvals

– UL1446 insulation system

ATEX zone 22 (2014/34/UE).


SOGA reserves the right to implement, update and change the data without prior notice