Technical specifications
IEC induction motors

To choose an electric motor properly, the technical features to be considered are referred to the following categories:

Standards and certifications

2 Electrical data

3 Mechanical data

4 Environment conditions

5 Special executions and customizations

This web section presents SOGA induction electric motors in execution low voltage, single and three phase, designed and manufactured in our production plants in Italy according to our standard execution:

  • Conformity to IEC 60034-1 and IEC 60072-1
  • S6 75% continuous-operation periodic duty, 50Hz frequency for standard single speed three-phase motors MT1
  • S1 continuous duty operation, 50Hz frequency, IE3 efficiency classes for three-phase models MT3
  • IEC frame sizes from 63 to 200
  • B3 constructive form
  • Environment temperature up to 40°C, altitude up to 1,000 mt a.s.l.
  • Ventilation IC411.