Published on the Worldwide Gen-Set & Cogeneration Directory 2018 the editorial by the Sales and Marketing Director of Soga SpA.

«In such an evolving world, we state strongly our choice to go on investing in what we have always been: creators of solutions for OEMs, contributing to their growth in international markets».

Giuseppe Traversa, Sales & Marketing Director for Soga SpA (brands Soga, Sincro, AgroWatt, Sogaenergies)

1) «The moment is perfect for decisions of great importance.

In a company, that happens when all the different elements combining it, simultaneously converge on the same direction. The vision then becomes even brighter, while awareness is at its highest peak.

The market rules we are facing today have never been so dynamic, unstable, and unpredictable. Corporate strategies used in the past have been abandoned for some time, to assume new (sometimes unthinkable) entrepreneurial risks, by following the current context while we’re acting within an international arena having unknown procedures. Companies have one only chance: adapt to the evolving world».

2) «Today more than ever, the competitive advantage of a company depends on its ability to innovate

and distinguishing from other players, by developing and proposing new products able to respond to the most specific requests and severe parameters ever occurred in their own sector. They are required to do this intelligently and quickly.

Soga Energy Team is the partner able to support OEMs in their path for innovation and growth in international markets. In these last years, we have been investing in our positioning by opting for business choices in aim to offer rotating electrical machines as innovative technical solutions increasing our customers’ competitiveness, efficiency and productivity».

3) «Answering today’s market even more clearly, we affirm our choice

to go on investing in what we have always been: solution providers for our customers.

We are recognized as an Italian technological leader in the energy sector, by providing know-how and human resources of excellence in the design of rotating electrical machines, active listening to the specific needs of manufacturers, production equipment constantly at the top of technology, to create alternators and motors featured by acknowledged quality and a level of innovation among the highest in our industry».

4) «Our core business is represented by the products on catalogues including over 850 models

of rotating electrical machines 100% Made in Europe from 1 up to 2,6 MVA: one of the most complete ranges today available in the world numbering more than 265 types of synchronous alternators and welders for generating sets (brand SINCRO), 80 models of permanent magnet generators and ip54 generators for renewables and special gensets (brand SOGAENERGIES), 59 kinds of pto tractor-driven generators for agriculture (brand AGROWATT), 345 models of induction electric motors for industrial applications (brand SOGA) and 130 between brushless and stepless motors for automation (brand CMZ).

Our alternators embrace synchronous brushless technology machines powered up to 2,6 MVA (on 500 frame size) and permanent magnet generators with high number of poles up to frame size 900, including many solutions for power on demand».

5) «The models on catalogue represent the launching base for the special projects

dedicated to OEMs, to make each of them unique and highly innovative, with customized engineering and exclusive production for our customers.

From this our way of being, many of our R&D experiences originated (which have been turning into regular products distributed in many markets all over the world), alongside with new successful collaborations within high-performance sectors such as rail, automotive, marine, hydro, telecom, oil & gas and wind power (SOGAENERGIES represents today the leading brand for PMGs for Italian wind industry).

Our business model requires maximum willingness and full dedication to accept challenges, as well as a deep inclination to constantly get involved».

6) «Our message to the customers is clear.

You are not alone in your choices.

In such an evolving world, the stability of our company’s vision (“To be a technological leader in the industries of energy and automation, by developing, realizing and promoting innovative technical solutions for OEMs”) is the force amplifying your ability in engineering your new products and taking them into the market.

And, whenever expertise meets force, it will always be a success: yours».