Let’s go to the future!

SOGA’s vocation has always been to offer the market something more than simple electric motors.

For decades, more and more companies have been turning to us, knowing that they can count, first and foremost, on our willingness to listen. Understanding the customer’s needs and application requirements is for us the first step in defining the solution. We are dedicated to designing with technical expertise, certain of being able to count on production processes that guarantee a reliable high quality final product.

It is in this stimulating perspective of research and innovation that we have created a range of particularly original and newly conceived electric motors, with high performance for the new market scenarios.

This range of motors (Interior Permanent Magnet IPM technology) is built on three frame sizes (90, 112, 160), equipped with multipolar rotors (8, 12, 18 poles) and available in four versions depending on use and need:

1 Low Speed

2 High Efficiency

3 High Performance

4 Constant Torque

If you are thinking about new projects to renew your range, stop and study the PMM’s catalogue.

As for the definition of the final solution, our method of proceeding does not change: we start from the willingness to listen in order to design, together with our customers, a new future.