Sincro new advertising campaign tells of choices and certainties.

An immersion with a strong visual impact in the power generation world, to celebrate over 30 years of experience of the brand in the manufacturing of synchronous alternators and welders featured by a level of reliability and quality among the highest and most recognized in the industry.

Every component of our alternators is developed and optimized to give you trustable energy.

We opt for design and building choices allowing us to offer high performing products in the most varied conditions of use and at all latitudes, maintaining the quality of the execution unchanged over time, while our customized solutions play an important role in the fabrication of generating sets strongly standing out in the market.

Made in Europe production enables the best control of the supply chain, flexibility and direct connection between the factories of Soga Energy Team. A strategic, and ethical, direction, bearing witness to the trust in our own territory by generating progress.

To a large number of manufacturers worldwide, Sincro means sturdiness, durability, masterly constructive workmanship. What we have always been distinguished for, is that we make quality also in the details.

This is how choices become certainties: you can challenge the outside, because Sincro is inside.