Sincro confirms its range to be unique: one of the most complete in the market.

By the recent inclusion of SSG and ASG series of IP54 synchronous and asynchronous alternators now placed under the same brand, SINCRO total offering is currently made up of over 300 models in 2 and 4 poles for the deepest variety of applications. Starting 1 kVA up to 2,6 MW. All customizable.

Every alternator is featured by the highest level of constructive hardness and durability, fully acknowledged by all of our customers.

The pieces we produce in our factories, you can consider them as great works.

Expression of real superior quality.

100% Made in Europe.

SINCRO® Total Range, Total Quality


  • Low & Medium voltage, CSA/UL, TEAAC
  • Marine executions BV, RRR, RMRS
  • Compact & Strong


  • Reliable performance with best durability
  • Wide choice of control panels


  • 24 or 48 VDC
  • Integrated rectifier bridge and digital AVR
  • Ripple < 0,5% (9-phase available)


  • Variable speed
  • Compact & Efficient


  • Electronic or Electromechanical welding regulation
  • Multifunction: Generator, Welder, Jump starter, Battery charger


  • Easy operation management
  • Robustness for harsh applications