Every great entrepreneurial story is a great adventure. The one of Soga Energy Team started back in 1966 in the North-East of Italy, when Lino Soga established its own company.

Today, Soga Energy Team is an industrial group, owned and managed by the Soga family now in its second generation, specialized in the development and manufacturing of:

Asynchronous induction electric motors | up to 37 kW
Synchronous alternators | AC and DC | up to 2,600 kVA
Asynchronous alternators | AC | up to 30 kVA
Permanent magnet generators | AC | up to 300 kW
PTO tractor-driven generators | AC | up to 93 kVA
Rotating welders | AC and DC | up to 500A

Beside a range including over 650 standard models between the most diversified and complete in the entire industry, our offering extends to customized executions and the development of new special projects, for creating products with great technical, innovative content.

Our structure, supported by automated production systems and cutting-edge methods (Lean), allows a high internalization of each manufacturing stage, flexibility and customization of workings, for the full real-time control of the whole manufacturing process.

With a presence in 80 countries worldwide, we contribute to the success of OEMs in the most different markets and applications.

A wonderful adventure keeping on day by day, thanks to each of our customers and all of us. People, today as yesterday, who make innovation.