We start running this new year by looking at the horizon in front of us.

Step by step, a light guides us becoming even brighter while our rhythm is proceeding. Horizon as a destination: the energy of the future.

Today as every day, this is our direction and we pursue it with vision and single-minded will, facing a sometimes uncertain market, but always stimulating and full of opportunities.

The great horizon unfolds under our eyes. The energy of the future is already here, in its countless shapes and potential.

We celebrate 2019 aiming to tomorrow. A challenge that, as Soga Energy Team, we collect with passion, technical expertise and open projects serving our customers in aim to create rotating electric machines with a very high level of customization among the most advanced in the industry, and with the constant strengthening of our internal processes making even stronger sinergies with every of our partners, and among the companies in our group.

Deeply aware that it is not only the steps we take to be important, but the imprints we are able to leave. 

Soga Energy Team