2021. Looking for new horizons, a new restart, trust, with one certainty: the future must be shaped.

In a world where adaptability is today’s paradigm, growth and development are no longer to be conceived as a straight path made up of pre-established steps in cause-effect order, but should be imagined as a curve made of threads identified as opportunities which must be taken in, as soon as they come: a flexible line that must be shaped with foresight and vision, being ready to change direction when necessary, by riding the waves of the current historical moment with the awareness that the straight line may not be anymore the right way to keep on the journey.

Opening 2021, as Soga Energy Team group we intend to go on working hardest with determination, trust and concreteness to empower the customers who rely upon us thanks to the competence, ability and perseverance of the people who give energy and essence to our companies day by day. Besides, solid and effective networks of collaboration with our suppliers, as well as increasingly high-performing industrial technologies, fully support us. The market is always the building of relationships aimed to share projects, innovation and passion.

On these values, we’ll keep on our search for technical solutions able to answer specifically to the contemporary challenges within power generation, motion & control.

Storm will come to an end and we’ll find the future waiting for us. We are ready to shape it, together.

Soga Energy Team