2020. We open the new year.

Up to here, our team has been travelling very far. Over these years, we’ve been developing products, reaching markets, creating relations.

We started from the beginning more than 50 years ago, by producing by hand our first windings, and then step by step we’ve been growing up to the setting of the Soga Energy Team industrial group, today acknowledged throughout the world. Always in motion, looking for new answers while never changing our values, we have been positioning ourselves as an independent group, alternative to the market giants.

A group made, first of all, of people passionate for rotating electrical machines and electronics, who our customers can talk and interface with, to come to one single goal always standing by our customers: the development of solutions.

Today, our journey keeps on in an increasingly dynamic market, where challenges are travel companions and enterprises are called upon to elaborate the new economic paradigms that invest industrial sectors and the entire society, meeting the new rules by adapting their business model: green economy, environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and emissions reduction, hybrid electricity generation, industry 4.0.

We are living in a liquid society featured by an uninterrupted flow of inputs and information: a flow which requires to be managed by foresight and persistence. We respond with determination and trust, while the stable strength of our values is guiding our evolution in exploring unusual roads in making innovation: over these years, they’ve never changed.

We are energy in motion: our team, towards the future to come.